Search Engine Optimization Services

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

Professional website design is a must.

We now live in a digital age where advertising is everywhere.

Therefore, besides excellent composition, you need a fully optimized landing page or online e-commerce shop.


Every business is different and we come up with a custom SEO plan/strategy for each project in order to get the best results possible. Normally it takes between 4 – 6 months for businesses to start seeing the results of the SEO, Results can be seen far quicker in low competition niches and low competition search queries than in competitive ones. It is a long-term strategy.


Here are some benefits of SEO:

An increase in website traffic, lead generation, it helps improve business credibility and trust, it actually brings people that are looking for services that you provide and those visitors are more likely to buy from you or become a customer.


To find more information about SEO check out our Blog and our Frequently Asked Questions page. Also please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.


You have probably noticed that some independent websites are designed correctly, but they still might have a low conversion rate.

Amity Web Design team is aware of this fact that and aims to work on your website’s higher ranking on widely know search engines such as Google.

There are various advantages of optimizing your website for Google search.

According to Google’s standards, the well-optimized website is ranked higher. Therefore, it becomes more visible to the “hot” shoppers when they search those keywords in the Google search bar.

When compared to other business strategies and marketing funnels, Search Engine Optimization has the highest ROI – Return On Investment.

If you want to measure the real success of your small business on Martha’s Vineyard, after a couple of months after launching, you can see the real numbers.

The more you invest in good Content Creation and Search Engine Optimization, the better your final return will be, without any further investment. SEO and content marketing are a great combination of technical and creative areas.

Both of them are crucial for your business’ growth. Therefore, applying SEO techniques is a great way to implement technical inquiries into content creation strategy.

What’s more, without words, headings, paragraphs, and images, you really can’t optimize anything. However, with keywords researching, both positive and negative ones, backlinking and further technical optimization, it can soon become a very comfortable environment.

Moreover, your customers will happily scroll through your web environment and online shop while enjoying the storytelling and other treats of your setup strategy.

To preserve your reputation and grow your small business on Martha’s Vineyard, even more, our special SEO package of services will provide you increased engagement while secure browsing on your mobile optimized website.

After that, we are going to make Google understand what your site is about.

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After targeting the right people and using the right keywords, to increase ROI further, your website needs to respect SEO rules and recommendations to become visible to a broader circle of people who might be interested in your business.

Your site needs to be understandable and easy to navigate. It gives people a familiar feeling of comfort and security.

You don’t want them to leave unsatisfied or frustrated. Therefore, when joined, the forces of UX and SEO can do magic to your business.

Our SEO Experts will work on setting up the higher ranking and target search engines, while UX designers endeavor your site’s visitors, once they land on your webpage.

Once people start coming more and more to your website, they want to see quality content and have a good user experience while scrolling and browsing to your digital field on the internet.

Therefore, we are going to write you that killer copy and bring you more sales – organically.

If you are still not sure how to attract local customers, let dive even deeper in SEO and its subcategories.

Desperately trying to reach your wanted customers can be pretty exhausting.

Especially if you have just launched your shiny website, however, don’t worry, everything is a process, and it needs a specific time to grow. In the meantime, there is still something that you may do for your website to perform better.

There is a new term in SEO strategy called “structured data.” In the age of big data and machine learning, our data analysts learned more about this implementation on your site.

It is about providing additional detail about your website’s content. It would help if you implemented some markup on your landing page, mainly because search engines can seek relevant keywords that enable further enhanced results in search.

Instead of you connecting the dots, let our team play the algorithms game and afford you a fully SEO optimized website.

Our SEO experts stay up to date on local search changes and implement the right strategies for your business in real time.

Even though instant rankings are pretty impossible, we work on long-term plans that are going to help your small business’ scaling.

From on-page SEO to schema markup, our team is going to afford the right pieces of information that are a representative form of your business in front of the search engine’s algorithms.

Website security can have a significant impact on general SEO performance.

GDPR and complex regulations have set up new rules for modern age security and privacy online so that your data can be used only for the right purpose.

The cost of the cyber attack online can influence your SEO performance in the future. Therefore, you need to invest in establishing on-site vulnerabilities if you want to save your SEO performance results so far.

Being proactive and covering the fundamentals of SEO categories and subcategories, can help you achieve everything that your opposition has not even imagined yet.

As we have said, algorithms have become smarter, and they actually work in your favor, to help you bring more conversions and sales, but only if your pages are fully optimized.

Otherwise, your PPC strategy or social media campaigns won’t boost that customers’ experience because you will lack the core of your site – the SEO optimized content.