5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website In 2021

Why Your Business Needs a Website

The internet has changed the dynamics of business operations. Over 40% of consumers now don’t trust businesses that don’t have an online presence. So, having a website is a precious asset for your e-commerce site. Investing in a website will provide you with the following benefits:

1. Improved business credibility

A website helps to improve your business’s credibility. It shows your target audience that you are a legitimate brand that takes its operations seriously. That’s why it’s important to invest in the services of professional web designers since they design quality websites that are ideal for use on multiple devices. It’s estimated that almost 75% of online consumers will judge a business entity based on its web design.

2. Increased revenue

If you want to generate more income from your online business, then you should build a reputable website. Websites help to improve your profile on search engine rankings, leading to more exposure. This consequentially leads to more traffic and generation of more revenue.

Note that the quality of a website usually affects return on investment. An easily navigable website that’s well-labeled will positively affect the consumer’s purchasing decisions.

The converse is also true.

3. Update your target audience

There’s no better way of about your loyal clients than using your website. This is the perfect place to announce new products and services. Besides that, you can use your website to highlight the current discounts and offers.

in doing so, most of your customers will end up spending more time on your website while looking for the latest and most affordable products. At the end of the day, the total consumer time spent on your website will be more and this will play a significant role in influencing your search engine ranking.


4. Enhanced Accessibility

Businesses with websites are more accessible. A customer doesn’t need to visit your store physically in order to access your products or services. Additionally, most people usually prefer to deal with businesses that they can access whenever they want.

Marketing insights indicate that more than 60% of customers make use of the company’s official website when they want to engage with businesses.

Well, this is because a website has all the essential things that a customer could be possibly looking for. It could be the services you offer, products you sell, your contact information, physical address, other customer reviews, etc.

Besides that, websites make businesses available 24/7 as long as it’s online. So, customers can reach out and make purchases at any time of the day regardless of their location.

So, accessibility is certainly a major reason why you should consider designing a custom website. Amity Web Design LCC specializes in developing professional and customized websites that help to enhance user accessibility.


5. Improved Visibility

The main reason why Google is the most popular is that every minute, millions of people are always searching for things over the internet.

Whether looking for local or global services, the first thing that internet users do is to search for them online. So, if you want your brand to shine and enhance your target audience’s reach, then website design shouldn’t be an option.

You will not only be dealing with people who know your business’s location or physical address but also internet users. This will significantly boost your traffic as well as sales. In the end, you will acquire more customers, new interested web users, and your brand will definitely shine.

Online Marketing

Even though the traditional forms of marketing are still around, they are tasking and time-consuming to implement. Additionally, they are more expensive, and fewer people actually pay attention to them.

Meanwhile, websites have made it easier and cost-effective to engage in online marketing. You can share a link to your website, a picture of your products or services online without incurring so many expenses.

It also makes sense that this is the final destination where your target audience will land once they come across your ads and marketing campaigns on different platforms.

Web Design Trends

Some of the latest web design trends that we consider include:

Color trends

Color trends will never go out of style. But currently, light colors and negative colors are the trendiest! We recommend our clients’ light colors when designing the web and interface since they help to effectively distinguish between web and print design.

Negative colors are those bold colors that perfectly emphasize all the hues of primary colors i.e. yellow, blue, and red. Their contrasting nature makes them vibrant and attractive. We often use them to create upbeat and captivating web design vibes.

Sans Serif Font

This is the most reliable and elegant timeless font. Even after being around for years, Sans Serif is timeless and that’s why it’s still on the trend. It helps to create sleek and simple fonts that suit all resolutions.

Technology has played a crucial role in the reinvention of the elegant Sans Serif fonts. In the 1980s, people used CRT monitors which are now outdated. Understand that that screen sizes and resolutions are now bigger and clearer than ever. As a result, larger, heavier, and well-decorated sans serif fonts look more inviting.

What makes sans serifs fonts ideal for larger screens is that they make texts more readable and less cluttered. This is because the fonts are normally more spacious and with a higher resolution, they normally end making beautiful and clearer illustrious texts.

Designers love the elegant sans serif fonts, especially the renowned Times and Georgia which are normally used in adverts. Besides that, there are also few well-known fonts that have become quite popular recently including Noe Display.

Benefits of Sans Serif Fonts in Web Design

There are several advantages of using this kind of typography for web design:

Fashionable and elegant

Sans serifs fonts are always fashionable and that’s why they have made a classic comeback. This is a typography style that will still remain popular for many years to come. While you might need to update your website regularly, rest assured that updating your typography isn’t something that you need to do.

Suit all devices

Sans serif font is suitable for use on all devices. This is because they don’t have the unnecessary swirls and loops that most fonts come with. Even with small caption texts or in smaller devices such as mobile devices, the fonts will still appear more clearly and professionals. This makes them ideal in improving user experience while they skim, scan, or read through your website.


Sans serif fonts allow web designers to create unique content regardless of their simple nature. The font collection is diverse and that’s why you can choose less known styles and alter them to suit your specific needs. This way, you can completely create a different effect that’s unique. Besides that, you can still create your own unique sans serif font style.

Ideal for Typography

This font collection can be effective for typography, especially if you want to create web titles and headings. Well, this is because they have more personalities that allow for customization and character development.

Collage Art

College arts are now trendy thanks to their social media reinvention. This is an old-school trend for web design that makes it possible to share news feeds and images in the form of collages.

The originality of collage arts dates back to the early 1910s and it was primarily used in France. It was part of the art movement in the 20th century as this concept was used in posters, newspapers, and magazines.

Even though collage art creations have been around for more than a century, they are now making a trendy comeback in web design thanks to social media. This is one of the common formats currently that’s used for sharing photos on social media.

Collage art helps to create May layers of images with different meanings. It’s an expressive and versatile form of art that helps to captivate viewers. A website collage art will effectively embody different aspects and subjects and you can always use them with a mix of illustrations and colors.

Textured Black and White Illustrations

Picture the journalism style in the early 1900s when there was still no colored print technology. Well, newspapers used to print black and textured illustrations in order to create classic graphical elements. This is another trendy web design element that’s back thanks to the use of software applications, touchscreens, and digital pens.

Black Outline

The black outline is an example of a textured illustration. Most designers are now using black outlines around various elements in websites. Ideally, these lines are supposed to be used as page dividers. They make websites attractive and elegant since they have varying thicknesses and can be used to create borders of different sizes.

The trend of using the black outline is still fresh but it has become very popular when covering images and illustrations. The lines make simple cutouts with beautiful accents that help to enhance user engagement.

Hover Gallery Menu

Web design, SEO, and conversion rates all depend on the web designer’s creativity. Black Lines provide web designers with a creative way to create a powerful impact that will attract the user’s attention almost immediately. The design of website menus has changed over time and now the hover gallery menus are the trendsetters. This is a half navigation menu, half hover gallery. At face value, it just looks like the traditional menu but it’s quite versatile and attractive.

Once you place the cursor over it then images will appear, creating an attractive sneak peek of the contents in the next step. Hover gallery effects prove a rich user experience with each menu displaying a different image.

3D Visuals

Online shoppers can physically touch or access products or services. However, you can make them see them in “real-time”.

3D visuals are now everywhere and this is a trend that will be around for longer. The invention of high-resolution screens means that 3D visuals can be seamlessly weaved into website design. The biggest advantage of 3D renders is that they have a photorealistic effect with futuristic vibes.

Surrealist Styles

3D and collage art are here to stay. However, web designers have taken a combination of these two trends a notch higher by designing stylish websites with surreal content. This technique involves placing web content on unusual and counterintuitive backgrounds.

Surrealist styles help to capture user attention and increase customer engagement by casting elements in different lighting spectrums. It usually involves a combination of different design textures and deep vibrant colors that perfectly outline the creative mind of the creator. This is a web design trend that triggers emotion and sparks an element of spontaneous actions.

Use of Emojis

Writing texts with emojis now go hand in hand and that’s why the popularity of emojis has found itself in the web design sector. Some are used to display emotions, activities, time, and seasons among others. Web designers can now leverage emojis to effectively illustrate a brand’s stand or sentiments.

We recommend the use of custom emojis for increased brand awareness. This is because they make it easy for your target audience to easily associate with your campaign, product, or services.

While emojis aren’t directly related to web design, they are great investments with great returns on investment.

Benefits of Using Emojis for Web Design

  • Complementary emojis help to enhance the uniqueness of your brand
  • Ideal in improving customer interaction and user engagement
  • Custom emojis can help you to collect and analyze campaign and user feedback
  • Facilitate communication among different groups of people with different dialects

Emojis are now part of the digital lexicon and if you want to increase your engagement, then these illustrated gestures can now be used in websites. It makes communication through texts more “visual” and vivid.

Mobile-first design

There is no doubt that more than 50% of the global traffic comes from mobile devices. On the other hand, almost 40% of online purchases come from these devices as well. Based on this information, our goal is to always design websites that are mobile-friendly in terms of loading speeding, screen size, and overall user experience.

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Websites

Websites that are optimized for mobile use have the following benefits:

Improved user experience

Have you ever enquired something from a friend and then they sent you a link? Or have you ever browsed the internet with your phone, came across something you liked, and then clicked on it to make purchases?

The truth is that in both cases, you can’t think about using your laptop or any other device but will outrightly use your mobile phone without second thoughts. So, mobile phones help to improve user experience thanks to their ease of use. That’s why it’s important to create mobile-friendly websites since these devices are the most commonly used.

Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to web design and search engine ranking, SEO plays a crucial role. According to Google, the most used search engine, websites that want to rank on the first page must be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Competitive Advantage

Most businesses now have websites, but 1 out 3 don’t have mobile-friendly websites. At Amity web design, we fully understand the advantage of being ahead of your competitors and how it’s crucial for revenue generation. That’s why our SEO experts work alongside a team of experienced web designers to create mobile-optimized websites.

Increased Average Time Spent on Site

Mobile devices are the most used on the internet. So, if the people who are spending more time online are using them, then it means that those who use mobile phones are more likely to spend more time on websites.

if you want to capture your visitors’ attention and increase the average time spent on your site, then you should have a website that’s easily navigable and content that is mobile-friendly. This also helps to increase the likelihood of conversion of visitors to customers.


Amity Website Design LCC understands all your digital needs. Our services are designed to help you stay ahead of the competition while growing and generating more revenue. We deal with brands and companies from different niches. So, whether you are looking for web design services, real-estate videography, or SEO Martha’s Vineyard services, we are here to assist you. Our services are of high-quality, unique, and customized to meet your specific needs. We are here to help you grow steadily and achieve your goals. If you are in need of our services or wish to make inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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